Some of our work

Partners Healthcare - Massachusetts General Hospital CVRC Fish Rooms

DCBA renovated existing lab space and a glass wash room into new fish housing and breeding rooms. The scope of work included selective demolition of the existing lab spaces while maintaining daily operations and functions of the areas directly adjacent to the work zone. Other challenges DCBA addressed were the installation of a complex drainage system for the new fish rooms, along with the installation and integration of all new fire protection, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and fire alarm systems. The installation and integration of these systems required detailed and meticulous planning and coordination for the tie-in to the existing building systems to minimize any disruptions or impacts to the building. DCBA performed this project with a condensed schedule, which required utilizing multiple shifts to complete all work.

Murphy McManus, New York Proton Management & Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - Proton Radiation Therapy Center

The New York Proton Center (NYPC) is a newly constructed, 125,000-sq. ft. building in upper Manhattan and the location of New York State’s first proton-beam cancer treatment facility. DCBA was initially enlisted as an owner’s project manager to facilitate coordination and communication between the construction team and the Proton Therapy Equipment Vendor (PTEV), Varian Medical Systems, during the installation, commissioning, and start-up of the $65 million Probeam® Multi- Room Proton Therapy. DCBA ensured that all infrastructure met highly specific requirements for the 90-ton equipment and that critical construction was completed before turnover to the PTEV.

As a result of DCBA’s performance managing the original scope, the client expanded DCBA’s project role to include management of the PTEV installation itself. The project included critical project crane picks, connections to building infrastructure, and building logistics coordination between the construction team and PTEV.

Tufts Medical Center – Arnold Air Handling Unit and Exhaust Systems Upgrade

DCBA was hired by Tufts University to provide preconstruction and construction services associated with a complete overhaul of Arnold School of Medicine building exhaust, air handling, and roofing systems. During construction, active laboratory, vivarium, classroom, and presentation facilities for the medical school needed to be maintained.

The preconstruction scope of work for this project included a thorough review process for critical equipment selection. This included the integration of 3rd party supplied Konvekta coils for a complete heat recovery system and integrated skid, which contributed to increased energy efficiency and sustainability. Additionally, DCBA coordinated multiple phases of work so the building and systems could remain active throughout the construction process. This was done by coordinating redundant system work, temporary tie-ins, and feeds and cutovers of critical utilities to ensure continuous building activities.

Partners Healthcare - Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Power System

DCBA performed preconstruction and construction for the emergency power system at MGH’s downtown Boston hospital building. Preconstruction activities included comprehensive value engineering. Construction involved installing a new fuel line riser from the garage to the penthouse and a new 1500kw emergency generator system on the roof of the building, as well as integrating emergency power with each floor. Work such as welding, coring, and hoisting needed to take place off hours to avoid disrupting the active hospital.

Hoisting the new generator required DCBA to coordinate activities with building facilities, neighboring buildings, and subcontractors, a process which DCBA established prior to construction with multiple safety measures. Egress routes were used to ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers, and workers installed temporary stairs in order to easily move from one level of the roof to another. Tie‐in of the existing emergency power systems to this new generator brought the system up to code and was done in such a way as to allow the building to remain functional.

Novartis Molecular Pathology Department - Office Suite Healthcare

DCBA performed both preconstruction and construction for this fast-tracked project for Novartis, which was completed within five weeks in order to meet the client’s tight timeline. Preconstruction services included constructability reviews and cost studies to ensure Novartis’ budget needs were met, and procurement of long lead materials. Construction was completed while the building and adjacent spaces were occupied, and began with the demolition of an existing office suite in order to accommodate the new open space layout. Modifications included new round conference rooms, glazing entrance systems, raised flooring, custom millwork, and radius glass. Mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and telecommunication upgrades were completed to accommodate the new space.

Partners Healthcare / Massachusetts General Hospital Air Handling Units

Over the course of six years, DCBA has replaced air handler units on four different floors in MGH’s Charlestown research facility. These undertakings all involved working in or adjacent to active vivariums and laboratories. Workers demolished and replaced common exhaust ductwork and select mechanical and electrical systems and air handling units. In order to keep the vivarium spaces running, DCBA installed temporary ductwork to maintain critical temperature and humidity control as well as temporary barriers to separate the construction zone from the active research areas. Special coordination with the client and ongoing operations was required to minimize downtime to the facility during the tie-in of new systems. Subsequently, DCBA was contracted to replace existing exhaust control and tie the new control system into the new air handling units, a process that was phased and required coordinating crane usage around MRI usage associated with clinical research.

Steward Healthcare - Radiology Suite

For this project, DCBA transformed an existing space into a new waiting room and upgrade bathrooms, locker rooms, and architectural elements. DCBA implemented and reviewed ICRA and ILSM plans with building facilities in order to provide safety precautions for the hospital’s patients and employees. The new layout necessitated the construction of new walls, ceilings, and lighting and for modifications to be made to the fire protection and HVAC systems. Workers also relocated plumbing pipes and added a new air handling unit and exhaust fans. Architectural upgrades included paint, flooring, millwork, doors, and ceilings. Due to the fact that the work was completed in an occupied hospital, it was vital for dust and noise to be kept at a minimum and coordination with facilities was required to ensure daily operations would not be affected by the construction.

Partners Healthcare - Massachusetts General Hospital - Vivarium

This multi‐phase project included upgrades to the mechanical systems throughout the eighth‐floor animal suite in a Massachusetts General Hospital/Partners HealthCare’s research facility. Scope included the demolition of existing CMU walls, reconfiguration of the architectural layout of the suite, replacement of all HVAC branch ductwork, and addition of new VAV boxes and VFDs. Temporary walls were erected to separate the construction area from adjacent occupied vivarium spaces, and vibration and noise monitoring devices were installed to ensure construction activities would not disrupt ongoing laboratory research. ILSM and ICRA Plans were developed during the planning in accordance with MGH’s campus standards. DCBA also installed new lights, made plumbing modifications, and put in a new steam system for humidification control.

Unum Group - Tufts Health Plan Office Suite

Over a period of seven weeks, DCBA completed 3,500 sq. ft. of office construction in an existing seven-story building in Unum Group’s downtown Worcester City Square Development. Despite a compressed schedule, DCBA was able to maintain the LEED Silver rating for the existing building. Interior construction included the creation of several offices, a kitchenette area, and data and electrical closets, as well as the integration of two separate but adjoining security systems within the same building. Additionally, DCBA managed the installation of a new RTU on the top of a building as part of the scope of exterior construction.

Harvard Medical School - Primate Research Center DHW Heater Upgrades

The New England Primate Center at Harvard Medical School hired DCBA to make mechanical upgrades in an occupied vivarium. This challenging project required coordination among facilities, building occupants, engineers, and DCBA. Since work took place on a primate occupied floor, veterinary personnel were also factored into the coordination. The project team was required to complete health screening and receive a vaccine that would prevent any potential illnesses from the primates from affecting them.

Workers demolished an existing electric water heater and replaced it with a more efficient gas-fired DHW Water Heater. DCBA also installed a circulator pump and a stainless-steel hot water storage tank. Mechanical room finishes included epoxy flooring, paint, and the relocation of the corridor access door.

NMT Medical Inc. - Emergency Class 1000 Cleanroom Flooring Replacement

When a weekend mechanical system malfunction resulted in a failure of the existing welded sheet vinyl floor, DCBA rapidly responded to NMT’s request. The flooring damage was great enough to cause a shutdown of medical device production in this Class 1000 Cleanroom, which meant repairs had to be made thoroughly and quickly. DCBA swiftly procured 1,250 sq. ft. of flooring material and mobilized workers the business day after receiving notice to proceed. Scope included demolishing flooring, removing the bottom five inches of drywall, putting in Durarock substrate to support sheet vinyl floor cove base, installing new flooring, and painting touch-ups as needed. Workers put in overtime to have the production facility back on line within a week.

Partners HealthCare - Schrafft Center Office Suite

This project involved renovations to an occupied, sixth-floor suite for Partners Healthcare. Mechanical and electrical design services were provided on a design build basis, whereas the fire alarm and fire protection design was provided by the subcontractor. Architectural upgrades included new flooring, acoustical ceilings, door, frames, and hardware, and light fixtures. DCBA maintained frequent communication with the occupants of adjacent suites to make certain that their daily operations were not impacted by construction.