David Beane – Friends of the Charlestown Navy Yard Profile


Social distancing is playing a crucial role in flattening the curve, but it has considerably lessened social interactions. With that in mind, FCNY is bringing your neighbors to you until we can meet in person again. Meet David Beane, whose construction company, DC Beane and Associates (DCBA), is located in Building 125 in the Navy Yard. David’s exemplary stewardship of Building 125 is evident in the meticulous detail of the rehabilitation, both on the inside and the outside. What was once a vacant building with good bones is now a prominent feature adjacent to Pier 3, outfitted with beautiful landscaping and outdoor furniture, warmly welcoming Navy Yard visitors and residents on the last leg of their water shuttle journey to the Yard. Working out of Building 125 is a homecoming of sorts for David, while living in Charlestown the late 1980s and 1990s he used to run past the building and his father was a Naval Aviator who was sometimes stationed on the USS Wolverine based in the Navy Yard.

The care put into Building 125’s restoration is the same level of care with which David runs his business. DCBA is a full-service general contractor with a wide array of construction expertise and a familiar name in the life sciences and healthcare construction circles. Like a true entrepreneur, David has focused on “consistent, organic growth”, growing a healthy team of staff with the ability to work on larger projects in the area, while retaining a service component often only seen by small firms. David puts a lot into not only building his company’s projects, but also into forming personal relationships with the diverse professionals needed to successfully execute DCBA’s projects. Most of DCBA’s projects are essential and managing them during the conditions imposed by the COVID-19 crisis has been challenging. David relays that, “Everything requires meticulous planning, and worker safety is paramount. Our jobs are focused on every individual and their well­being. We are screening workers, doubly securing, and protecting job sites with constant deep cleanings. The overriding message is that everyone on site has to work together to keep each other and the project safe.”

True to form, David puts a lot back into the community. Contributing to organizations that work to combat food insecurity is near and dear to his heart, and he is focusing his resources on the community’s COVID-19 response. Because David’s heart is bigger than Building 125, David admits that there is an overwhelming list of persons in need due to COVID-19 and he is working to help everywhere he can. Accordingly, “all of DCBA’s charitable giving this year is being redirected to the COVID-19 response.” David’s message to the community is that to the fullest extent possible, “we should be looking out for organizations helping the community during this time, especially those helping fight food insecurity, most specifically for children. Please be sure to protect your family, neighbors, and surrounding businesses during this
time. It WILL get better!” We are truly lucky to have such a caring and engaged corporate citizen among us.